Shamrock’n — the Shirt Collection Grows

Div Place Place Time Pace
85/258 701/4663 01:52:45 8:36 min/mi


I was amazed, looking back at my collection of Shamrock’n shirts. Four that I deserve (and one that I got out of the FF cheap training shirt bin). Is this really my fifth year running the race? Well, 2008 was my last marathon, 2009 IM AZ, 2010 was my rest year, and now it’s 2011. So this makes Shamrock’n #5. I was entirely untrained (just 80 or so miles run the whole year!), and completely expecting a >2 hour finish, but it was nice to kick off the year with the race that started me running.

The Race

I don’t really need to put a lot of detail in here. I wasn’t trained, so my run was just blech, I did fine for the first eight miles, and hit my first wall in a half at mile eight, but it wasn’t my worst time, and I felt good for the first half, so I still came in with 8:30s or so… better than I deserved.

One of the things to note on the race this year, is the new route. I heard a lot of complaints at how boring the route was, but those folks haven’t done anything like Ave of the Vines. The new route, going through downtown and out to the trail and Discover Park, had a lot of variety to keep the scenery changing. I preferred this route to the others, and thought it a great improvement from the “there and back” in West Sac.

A note… it’s now December, and I’m just realizing that this blog never got published. I’ve just signed up for Shamrock’n 2012, and look forward to doing this same course again!

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