Neville’s Conquest 10k

Given 2020, and the death of run events, a few companies started hosting virtual runs. One in particular has Harry Potter themed runs, and some amazing finisher medals, so I signed up for one for Tripp and I to do.

Tripp had never done a 10k before, so this was his first chance to try some distance running. He definitely didn’t start out at a 5k pace, which is great because I didn’t want him to gas out early. However, one thing all runners have to go through is learning how to fuel and run, and learning to push yourself during the ups and downs of each run. Being ten, and having done nothing longer than a 5k, that was a bit tougher than expected.

Gu, shot blocks, all the “gross” stuff we take for granted, Tripp was finally introduced to, and it did help us complete the whole 10k. We ran most, walked about five times, and finished. Our time wasn’t great, but for someone of his age, just finishing the run is a great accomplishment. So bibs and medals were definitely earned, and we have another set ready to go as soon as we’re ready.

Finish time: 1:14:27
Pace: 11:50
Total distance: 6.29mi