Run to Feed the Hungry

Time: 21:35.3 something
Pace: 7:00 min/mi
Place: 143/2871
Age Group: 11/120


This will be proportionately written to the size of the race… short. The run is primarily a fund raiser, and as a 5k on a day off for most people, it’s pretty big. 20k people big, in fact. It’s amazing that people can’t listen, and don’t pay any attention to the signs, like people with strollers and with their little kids lined up in the 7min pace section. For how big the race was, it didn’t seem too bad at all, though I was near the front-ish, so that didn’t really affect me too much.

Anyway, my race went well. This was actually my first 5k, so I wasn’t sure how my pacing would go, but I got 7s, which I’m very happy with. Harry got sub 8s, Mark sub 9s, and Josh sub 10s, so I feel we all did pretty darned well. Other than that, there’s not much to say. Three miles is pretty darned short for a run, but we jogged in three miles to get there, and jogged and walked back, so it was altogether a fun way to start Thanksgiving morning, and a lot more worthwhile selflessly donating time and money instead of selfishly eating.