It’s a Family Affair

Poinsettas to all, and to all a good night!

This year, the family (with encouragement from my lovely wife), decided to return to a place of previous enjoyment for Diane, and participate in a Christmas morning run up in Meadow Vista, CA — the Cool Yule Jingle Jog. Everyone participated, even Tripp (passively).

The run, put together by running legend Gordon Ainsleigh, starts in a large park, makes its first leg up the roads (and uphill with about 200 feet of climb), then follows a canal for the second leg, and traverses back to the park for the third leg. It’s a beautiful route, and a great way to spend a Christmas morn.

JT, Jordan, and I started the run together, and by the first long hill, it was obvious that, though Jordan had spent the most time running recently, she wasn’t ready for altitude nor hills. Six minutes in, and already Jordan had to walk (at her last 5k, she made it all the way without walking once!) JT kept going, even though he was in old vans and jeans, and I sped up to let him know he could keep going, as long as he kept other runners in sight, while I accompanied Jordan through the rest of the run.

I count seventeen times that we slowed to a walk, so when we arrived at the finish line at 43 minutes, JT had beaten us with a 35 minute time! JT came in 11th overall in the run, and I think really enjoyed what he accomplished. Jordan and I finished with 13:20s as an average pace through the 3.35 miles. I took advantage of the long hill at the end to do some faster running, and otherwise enjoyed spending time, encouraging Jordan, and enjoying the cool mountain air.

I left the older two kids at the park with all of the adult participants, and ran back to meet Diane. A mile back, and I found her, just about to hit the big final hill. I was there to offer support in carrying Tripp, but as I expected, Diane wanted the pride of being able to carry Tripp the entire way. Damon seemed to be in a great mood, and Diane was doing great, so I walked with them in, only turning around to run the hill one more time.

In the end, I think we all had a great time, and it definitely was a rewarding and wonderful way to spend a Christmas morning!