Fleet Feet Holiday Classic

With Robert consistently running for the last year or two, this felt like a great day to take the whole family out for a run. The event is free, donations for a good cause, and it is overall just a fun day. Damon brought his bike and rode around midtown, while Tripp, D, and I joined Robert in running a 5k.

In the cold before the race, I got to do a quick interview with a local radio station. The next day, I had an e-mail from a peer who heard my voice on the TV and turned around and took video, and another high school friend commented on it. My “I survived the TP crisis of 2020” Ugly Christmas Jumper was on full display, while I talked about bringing the family out for the run.

The lowlight of the day was coming back to our truck being keyed by an unhappy parking-neighbor. The highlight was enjoying a quick run out of Sutters Landing park, seeing a few TBF friends, and overall just having a fun holiday morning with the fam. 8:30s isn’t a great run pace, but I did get have a good time, and a 26:23 finish.

Shamrock’n 5k 2019

Tripp wins this one by a hair!

Unlike the CIM run, this time it was just Tripp and I heading out, so we chose to run together through the whole race. So when I was lagging, I got pulled by him, and when he needed some encouragement, I was able to push him along.

I’m no longer a consistent runner, so having someone to run a small race with is great, and signing up for this 5k with Tripp gave me motivation to register for the half marathon too (he’s too young to sign up for the half), even if I hadn’t planned to train for a run.

Now, getting a nine year old ready for a large scale race with an early start time? Let’s remember to bring warmer clothes next time, and a warm drink! Our final of a 26:15 was about a half a minute faster than our CIM run, so I’d definitely count this as a win for family time, and I’m pretty sure it’s a PR for an official race time for Tripp.

CIM MaraFUNrun 2018

Deterding’s principal is an avid runner. Tripp’s teacher definitely encourages the kids to get out and run. So ahead of CIM, a group of students all decided to do the 5k fun run, and I decided to join them. Tripp did great, and stayed a corner or two ahead of me the entire run. That’s what happens when he runs regularly and I don’t. For me, it was no PR, with a 26:34, but it was a FUN run anyway, right?

My first first place finish

The “Race”

Not just first in my AG, but first in the race! So there were only 20 racers or so, I was wearing a bib, so it felt official!

USAA, for their employees and family, held a 5k walk/run that was sponsored for their employees’ health benefits: race food, bibs, course markings, and everything! While I don’t in any way qualify as family, Diane allowed me join her since running is my cup of tea.

About twenty people were on the running circuit, and another twenty were there as walkers. The course was laid out as a four-lap circuit of the USAA campus, part of it along the streets and part along their run track. I wasn’t there to push any kind of 5k PR (I’d just been sick in Thailand, and I hadn’t really been training at all), so I paced Diane’s boss Cherie for the first three laps. Feeling great thereafter, I decided to pick up the pace to a normal 5k pace for me and finish at the front of the pack.

So, my time wasn’t great, and the race was small… but hey! I got first place in a race, and I don’t think I’ll ever get to say that again. So yay!

Run to Feed the Hungry

Time: 21:35.3 something
Pace: 7:00 min/mi
Place: 143/2871
Age Group: 11/120


This will be proportionately written to the size of the race… short. The run is primarily a fund raiser, and as a 5k on a day off for most people, it’s pretty big. 20k people big, in fact. It’s amazing that people can’t listen, and don’t pay any attention to the signs, like people with strollers and with their little kids lined up in the 7min pace section. For how big the race was, it didn’t seem too bad at all, though I was near the front-ish, so that didn’t really affect me too much.

Anyway, my race went well. This was actually my first 5k, so I wasn’t sure how my pacing would go, but I got 7s, which I’m very happy with. Harry got sub 8s, Mark sub 9s, and Josh sub 10s, so I feel we all did pretty darned well. Other than that, there’s not much to say. Three miles is pretty darned short for a run, but we jogged in three miles to get there, and jogged and walked back, so it was altogether a fun way to start Thanksgiving morning, and a lot more worthwhile selflessly donating time and money instead of selfishly eating.